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Take a moment to consider our world today. Many people are worn out, confused and lonely. Others are angry, chemically dependent, and even suicidal.

There is only one Person and only one Promise more
powerful than our present problems, our past, and our pain. JESUS CHRIST.

And it is Jesus Who transforms lives through Kathleen’s messages.

We all need to apply God’s Word to our lives, in order to personally experience God’s transforming love, power, healing, freedom, and restoration. Kathleen’s lively, authentic, and personal messages apply God’s Word in ways that are entertaining, but more importantly, life changing.

“I have listened to Kathleen’s CD, "Past The Point Of Possibility" FOUR times… Her message has given me renewed strength. (It) is something I can sink my spiritual teeth into. Kathleen is a gifted teacher – not just theoretical. She has LIVED what she teaches.” – Woman from Texas

“’Just went to the website and spent the last hour listening… I found her piece on having faith, "Fact and Truth" particularly poignant at this point in my life.” – Man from Indiana

To Purchase these messages and others, visit the kwm Store. Click here to: listen to an audio message, read an uplifting meditation or donate online.

Kathleen Whitten has been sharing God’s Word and presenting His Son, Jesus Christ, for twenty five years. She has taught and counseled many adults and served as a mentor to teenagers and abused children.

As a young girl, Kathleen's spine was surgically fused to a metal rod and she was placed in a plaster body cast for a year.


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