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Hear, listen and obey

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You may be saying, I want to obey, but how do I know if I have heard from God or what God is telling me? To answer this, Kathleen starts by talking about how we learn to recognize God's voice. We recognize the voice of those we spend the most time with. A child can pick out his mother's voice because he has heard her voice all his life and has spent so much time with her. The best place to hear the clearest voice of God is in the Word of God. The more of God we get into our heart, the more we recognize His voice. That is why the enemy doesn't want you in the Word. It is where life is, and it is where you discover who you really are. The Bible says our life is hidden in Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is the Word.

References: Isaiah 28:23, 55:10-11   Proverbs 8:32-35   Mark 9:7   Matthew 15:10   Luke 1:37, 8:19-21   John 1:1, 8:47, 10:1-5, 10:16, 27   Romans 12:21   Psalms 103:1-5        

Topic: Listening to God
Series: The Secret To An Abundant Life

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