Responding In Belief -Obedience Part 3 (9 of 10)

Made in His image

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Imitate Jesus. When the spirit convicts us, it’s not the accusing way that Satan convicts us. We can’t change ourselves, but God can & we need to believe that. Belief leads to righteousness; and the more righteous we are, the more of His goodness He will give us & the more blessed we will be. When He reveals something to us and convicts us through His Word or through a message like this or through anything, don’t respond with the excuse, “That’s just how I am”. Respond in humility and ask Him to help you change.

References: Psalms 118:24   Mark 9:23-24   Romans 10:4, 4:17-21   James 2:23                    

Topic: Obedience
Series: The Secret To An Abundant Life

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