Alright, Who's In Charge Here? (3 of 6)

If satan is the ruler of this world, how can we overcome him?

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Kathleen reviews satan's tempting of Jesus with what this world offers, 2 kingdoms, 2 rulers. People ask, if God is control, why does He let bad things happen? Satan is the ruler of hell and is currently ruler of this world. God WANTS you to go to Him. You haven't made Him Lord if you are still running your own life. Loving God means doing His will. Worship God, not earthly idols. When you have prayed the Word and still feel worried, tempted to lose hope, or want to give up, He will provide a way out.

References: 1 John 5:19   Revelation 11:15   1 Corinthians 10:13                       

Topic: Temptation
Series: Kingdom Of Heaven

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