No Worries (2 of 7)

How To Stop Worrying and start Trusting God Today.

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What do I do that forfeits the promised "land of rest"? RE: Israelites-we are delivered from our bondage to sin and then we are entered into a time of testing before that promised land of rest. We will praise Him while we can see His works, but then we doubt Him during time of testing and go into unbelief. What causes me to NOT believe? Land of rest NOT dependent on circumstances, He PROMISES us a rest.

References: Matthew 6:25, 6:31-33, 7:7   Luke 12:11, 29   Proverbs 3:5-8   Philippians 4:6   Psalms 1:2, 119:5, 34:5, 25:15   Jeremiah 17:5-8              

Topic: Worry
Series: Rest Assured

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