Receiving God's Love For Yourself (Part 1)

Loving Your Neighbors As Yourself

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People want to give God's love to the world but do not know how. Before we give anything away, we have to receive it, then possess it, then give it. We cannot give something away that we do not have. Receive means to acquire or partake; possess means to carry it and have it with you; give means to dispense and give out. We have to love ourselves in order to love others. God says over and over to love your neighbors as you love yourself. When you fly, if there is ever a need to have oxygen, they say to apply the mask to yourself first, then help someone else. It is the same with mercy and forgiveness. If you haven't received it, you cannot give it.

References: Leviticus 19:18   Matthew 19:19   1 John 4:6-8   1 Corinthians 13   Mark 22:39   James 2:8              

Topic: Love
Series: Receiving God's Love For Yourself

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