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Kathleen Whitten has been sharing God’s Word and presenting His Son, Jesus Christ, for twenty five years. She has taught and counseled many adults and served as a mentor to teenagers and abused children.

As a young girl, Kathleen's spine was surgically fused to a metal rod and she was placed in a plaster body cast for a year. She has lived with chronic spinal pain since childhood. As an adult, she has had a multitude of medical trials and surgeries. Her last back surgery was a 13 hour reconstructive spinal surgery, after which she had an amazing after[death experience. In 1999 she was diagnosed with leukemia (AML) and given a very dim prognosis. Through many miracles, chemotherapy, and 38 blood transfusions, she is cancer-free.

Thousands of people, with diverse backgrounds, have been touched by Kathleen’s willingness to be vulnerable about her own frailties and life experiences in order to present a loving and very approachable Heavenly Father. Because Kathleen applies God’s Word to everyday situations, her messages are always personal, moving and even humorous.


kathleen whitten ministries includes her Live Bible Teachings, downloadable Messages on the searchable database, Special Events & Conferences, the kwm Prayer Team, Monday email meditations,and this interactive inspirational website: kathleenwhitten.org. kathleen continues to speak in churches, schools, businesses, retreats, and both teen and adult conferences.

Kathleen's devotional stories for women and girls Dare to Be Rare was published in October, 2007.


CDs of kathleen's messages are available through the kwm store,


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You may listen to kathleen on ITunes (search for Kathleen Whitten Ministries)


Kathleen can be heard on her radio broadcast on KSLR Radio 630 AM on

Saturdays at 8:30 am and Sundays at 12 noon


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Kathleen has been married to her husband, Lacey, for twenty eight years. The Whittens live in San Antonio, Texas with their daughter, Mattie, and son, Storm.

Take a moment to consider our world today. Many people are worn out, confused and lonely.
Others are angry, chemically dependent,
and even suicidal.

There is only one Person and only one Promise more powerful than our present problems, our past, and our pain. JESUS CHRIST.

And it is Jesus Who transforms lives through Kathleen’s messages. Read more...

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For Prayer please email us: prayer@kathleenwhitten.org • For Speaking Information: info@kathleenwhitten.org