What Can God Do With The Waste In My Life? (2 of 4

Jesus' answer will surprise you and change what you do with the mistakes that you've made.

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God doesn't waste anything. We are God's righteousness in Christ Jesus. Even the righteous have waste. God desires to redeem our lives. We can gather the fragments of our lives and give to Jesus and say, I will trust you to redeem this. Jesus said gather up the fragments, let nothing be wasted: wasted years, wasted relationships, wasted things. God redeems our waste. Whether you have made mistakes, wasted years, wasted finances, it is His job to redeem and restore. Gather up the fragments of your life and watch Him restore the years the locusts have eaten.

References: John 3:12, 6:3-15   Psalms 34:22   Romans 8:28   Isaiah 30:15-21   Matthew 9:36, 20:34   Mark 1:41              

Topic: Receiving Grace
Series: Snapshots of My Savior

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